Let’s Talk About the Weather

I know, I know – such a booooring topic, but with the curve balls that Portland has been throwing at us lately, it seems to be the conversational topic of choice.

Over the past few days we’ve seen snow, rain, hail, wind and sunshine. I really wish Spring would just decide to arrive early because when I’m looking for excitement, it’s not with the weather forecast.

Add to that the fact that they have had incredible flooding in Australia (my parents sandbagged the house) and devastating tornadoes across much of the US, and it just feels as though someone is playing one big joke to try and keep us on our toes.

Good thing I’m going to Austin on the weekend where the weather will be predictably sunny and warm… oh wait…

I’m suddenly re-thinking the tickets I purchased last night that will take me and the boys to Australia in June, otherwise known as Aussie Winter. I suddenly feel like jumping a plane to Hawaii.

Oh well, at this photos taken during our snow “sprinkling” last week are guaranteed to warm me up. Given you can see the grass through the snow, I don’t think it would be appropriate to call it “snowfall.”

Kei and Thomas managed to gather the little snow they could (along with leaves and dirt) to build a pretty sad snowman – but impressive given what they had to work with.

Samuel passed the time by asking Kei to hit him with snowballs (strange child).

As much as I hate the cold (and complain about it), I admit that it does make for some pretty pictures.

…but then, blue sky makes for pretty pictures as well. Too much to ask?

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