Five Things Friday: Link Me Up (and a beautiful sunrise)

Sharing a few things I came across online during a very busy week. You see, I will officially be on vacation at around 5:01 this afternoon and I had a lot to squeeze into a short 40 or so hours.

Still, I managed to find a few minutes here and there to seek out some online inspiration with a couple of WOW moments.

  1. A beautiful look back at 2011 (keep the tissues handy)
  2. A little (free!) recipe book that I had a hand in designing (look for my contributions next to the recipes from Australia and Portland)
  3. Christmas album #567 added to my collection. OK, not really #567, but I discovered I have a lot of Xmas music and this new one stands out because of the Muppets!
  4. A cautionary tale for the iPhone generation
  5. A wonderful story featuring random acts of book art

Now that my christmas shopping is all done, I am looking forward to weekend filled with relaxation and sloth like behavior – OK, not really. Still, there has been a great weight lifted from my shoulders that will be replaced by my to do list of laundry, grocery shopping and getting prepared for arrival of our guests on Sunday night. For fun, I’ll squeeze in a play date for the boys with some very special friends on Saturday afternoon and something Christmassy.

For now, I leave you with a photograph that I took when I dropped Samuel off this morning. I guess it pays to be a little early for school every now and then. (no comment on the fact that he has a MUCH better view than I do during the day).

Photo is straight out of the camera with just a little sharpening – pretty amazing.

Happy weekend!

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