My House Smells Like Pine Tree

We designated Saturday our Christmas shopping day. We had to. It was clear that Christmas was in full swing – even Happy the Elf had made his first appearance in our house – so we could put it off no longer.

First hurdle – locate the Christmas Tree lot. We had one in mind that we visited last year but sometimes Portland streets all start to look the same and we had a little trouble remembering it’s exact location. Finally, a gmail search led us in the right direction (LOVE undeleted emails from 12 months ago) and we soon found ourselves surrounded by Noble Firs – my tree of choice.

Samuel wanted me to take a photo of him with no hands – that kid can be a little weird.

I have hands now!

We finally chose our 6 foot tree – a process that I was WAY more into than anyone else. Me: “How about this one Kei?”
Kei: “Whatever – that’s fine”
Me: “Will you at least LOOK at it? This is a big decision”

And, while Kei tied it to the top of the van… (I guess he’s useful for something, just not choosing the tree)

…I counted the number of blown bulbs on the Xmas lights while simultaneously trying to stop my children from running into traffic (I’m great at multitasking).

When we got home, it was time for lunch and Samuel’s nap. And, because we all had to be awake before we could decorate the tree, I endured at least two hours of Thomas asking if we can decorate the tree yet. He was incredibly excited (and more than a little annoying).

Finally, we put on some Christmas tunes and hung some lights. And when I say “we”, I mean “I” because Kei had not quite awakened from his nap on the couch. I know, I know, we were supposed to wait but the whining got to me. I can only take so much!

The kids hung the first ornaments…

And then “helped” with the rest while I worked hard to protect the most delicate pieces. Thankfully, no ornament casualties this year.

And then we took a few family pics in very bad lighting (it’s the only kind of lighting we have at this time of the year in Portland after 4pm).

Thomas took the next one – not bad!

and this one too

And this one of Samuel and, uh, my chest.

The tree is trimmed, the elf is sitting on the shelf and the Amazon orders are shipping. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

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