Crowds, Music and Ice Cream: The Mississippi Street Fair

I love going back to work on a Monday knowing that you made the most of your weekend. We had a great time living it up in the Sunshine. Favorite moments:

  • Group bike ride down to Mississippi ave for the street fair, including Mayumi’s first time on a bicycle in 10 years (and she stayed on!).
  • Catching the Star Wars Lego windows and Thomas being unable to cotain his excitedment.
  • Braving the crowds to make it down to Por Que No! (Spelling?) for lunch – and then finding a quieter table in the shade when the live music became just a little too loud (but the band was great).
  • Buying matching fairy wings for Samuel and Karin (blue for him and pick for her).
  • Ice Cream!
  • Sitting with my husband on our NEW DECK on a balmy Saturday evening, sipping beer and catching up. (Note: finishing touches still be made to deck but should be done this week)
  • FUN photo shoot with a family who won a session in an Auction fundraiser for Thomas’ school. Adorable kids and incredibly friendly parents.
  • Grocery shopping with Mayumi – she has now conquered her fear of New Seasons. (last week she went by herself and felt so overwhelmed that she left with only a bottle of Orange Juice).
  • Friendly people at the grocery store who remember Mayumi and Karin from their previous visit.
  • Playdate/birthday party at the park for one of Thomas’ school friends which included a gathering of parents who speak Japanese.

Of course, I also managed to take a few photographs of the festival, although the logistics of managing three kids (even with three adults) amidst an incredibly crowded street fair made it difficult. Next year I might have to find a little time to go by myself. So many wonderful photo opps that I missed.