Loving on a Friday…

  • A tribute to the year of the Rabbit (aka MY YEAR!)
  • This exact conversation that occurs with Samuel at least 10 times a day lately. (no wonder the kid gets away with murder).

“I love you”

  • Oscar fever – and, after tonight, having miraculously seen 7 of the 10 best picture nominees, thanks partly to a couple of marathon aeroplane trips in the past 12 months. (ran out of time for The Fighter, 27 Hours and True Grit. In fairness, I’ll probably NEVER see 27 hours).
  • Thomas “reading” his Star Wars book to us each night and practicing during the day so he can read it to his friends at school.
  • Flavelsome Beats – plugging my baby brother’s latest gift to the ears.
  • Glee! Mixing my love of TV with my love of musicals. It’s perfect!
  • Dancers among us. Mixing my love of Musicals with my love of…well…life.
  • Feeling completely inspired after a couple of GREAT photo sessions – one at the Portland art museum with a group of coworkers (just for fun) and one for Iron Bartender last night (also fun, but for charity). A few of my favorites from the Portland museum are shared below.
  • 3 nights out in a row (a mummy miracle).

Happy Friday


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