2010 A Look Back: The Places I’ve Been

The clock has already turned in Australia and, since I was born in Australian time, I suppose I am already officially in 2011. Happy New Year!

At the end of each year I try to look back and choose my favorite photographs which, of course, becomes more and more difficult as I take more and more photos. So, this year I plan to separate my picks into three post: The places I’ve been, The things I’ve seen and the people I love. It still won’t scratch the surface, I’m sure, but at least that way I can share some of my favourite shots without being paralyzed by choice.

This was a big travel year for the Ishidas with two major international trips and many small local adventures. In March/April we headed to Australia for my brothers wedding, we had family from Ohio visit in July and took a long-awaited trip to Japan in October. Mix in with that a couple of trips to the coast, an embassy visit in San Francisco and a little business travel, and it honestly feels good to be home as we ring in the new year. It was exciting, fun and a little exhausting all at once.