Beach Scene

Today’s I Heart Faces challenge reminded me of how I haven’t yet posted the rest of the photos from when the Kellers came to visit.

I chose this photo (with much difficulty) from the hundreds I took that day for a few reasons:

  • It’s black and white – not what you would expect from one of MY beach pictures (usually full, bright colour).
  • It shows Samuel taking his time, doing his own thing and enjoying the water – key aspects of his personality that he’s shown us over the past few months.
  • I love how everything seems so peaceful and quiet, even for just a few moments.

We had a wonderful weekend filled with extended childcare options that allowed us to see a movie, a 40th birthday celebration with a view of Mt Hood, a family hike/carry to a beautiful hidden waterfall and a meeting with a 500 pound sturgeon named Herman.

This week promises work, work and more work – oh, and some golf for Kei.

Happy Monday.


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