Pretty in Pink – Portland, OR Family Photographer

Regular readers of this blog will know about how much I covet the color pink. In a house full of boys, I am surrounded by blue and red and brown – no pink.

So when I had the opportunity to photograph our good friends who seem to be single-handedly keeping the female population alive, I was secretly hoping for just a little splash of the good stuff. This is what I got…


We started the shoot indoors where I managed to get a few photos before a four year old ran out of patience and we decided to take it outside.

After we got there, though, she turned into the perfect little model.

And look at this adorable face.

We headed to the park for a little fun. Late November photo shoots in Portland are risky to say the least. Thankfully we found an hour between rain showers – and even some dry swings.

And then some time for a few family portraits.

And finally this cute moment between two sisters.

Thanks for the pink fix friends. I think I’m good for another couple of months.

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