Not So Sunny, Sunriver

I think this might have been the very first year that we’ve actually planned a Spring Break location. Spring Break seems to sneak up on us and every year I find myself wishing we’d done something fun. So, on a whim (and after a few drinks on Superbowl Sunday) I signed up to organize a group family vacation to Sunriver, Oregon.

This was our second trip to Sunriver. Last year we stopped for a couple of nights as part of our Great Oregon Road Trip. We went in August. It was sunny and warm (although bug-filled). This year was much different. I suppose I should have realized that heading to a higher altitude in March was not going to bring me the warm weather I craved, but I truly didn’t expect snow. Of course my “friends” at work told me that snow was normal over Spring Break AFTER I returned.

Still, we didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits. The Mums (and one of the dads) all headed up on Wednesday afternoon, with the rest of the Dads joining us on Friday. We stayed in a large vacation home that didn’t feel too crowded, even with the full group eight adults and seven kids. We spent our time playing board games, swimming in the SHARC indoor pool, taking a trip down the tubing hill, playing tennis in hail (yes, hail) and relaxing in the hot tub while the kids were occupied with a movie. It was a wonderful chance to connect with old friends and let the kids loose to explore – when it wasn’t snowing, raining or hailing, that is.

And I took about 20 photos. That’s well below my average for a four day vacation. I think I need to get out of the winter photo rut and start shooting again soon.

Here are the few I did manage to take of a great vacation with great friends – but next time, let’s try for Hawaii.


Boys Will Be Boys

We returned home yesterday afternoon following a brief Spring Break adventure in Sunriver, Oregon. The biggest part of adventure turned out to be predicting the weather from minute to minute. We’d move from a brief moment of sunshine to rain, then hail and snow. Apparently Sunriver is not the destination for Spring Break if you’re looking for a warm weather recharge.

Still, we managed to squeeze in a bunch of activities to keep seven children entertained and I even challenged my husband to a couple of games of tennis while we dodged a light hail storm. He won, but I blame the distraction of the hail storm.

I’m back at work today and trying to turn the switch in my brain from vacation mode to work mode. It’s an uphill battle.

I haven’t had a chance to edit all of my photos from the trip but this one stood out to me. Who needs a toy gun when you have fingers and the ability to make someone walk the plank? I promise I don’t teach them this stuff – it’s just boys being boys.